Caring Pregnancy Center Newsletter

Dear Ones,

It’s infringement enough upon our right to free speech and religious freedom when a Christian baker is compelled by the court to compromise on their closely held convictions and are ordered to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple or pay an astronomical financial penalty. So what are we to think when states pass laws which mandate that faith-based, pro-life pregnancy centers must refer for state-funded abortions?!

Yes, that HAS happened in California & Hawaii, and NIFLA, who represents pregnancy centers across the nation, will be arguing the case before the SUPREME COURT next month!

Please take a few moments to read through this month’s newsletter, which includes a request by NIFLA to join a webcast on Thursday, March 1st, so you can learn more about this potentially precedent-setting case with regard to our rights to free speech and religion.

Also, please feel free to share this information with anyone you know who has a conviction that ALL life is created by God, in His image, and is therefore, sacred & should be protected.

Thank you, and may the good Lord be merciful to our life-affirming pregnancy centers and our great nation!

CPC Staff

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