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Please join us for Sunday Worship at 10 a.m.

We know that many people are nervous about visiting a new church. So, our goal is for New Horizons to be a safe place for adults and kids to learn God’s Word in the Bible and to begin a conversation with the Creator of the universe.

We are not trying to be the edgiest church in town. We are a church of dads, moms, students and kids who make mistakes and try to be open and honest about our journey of faith … and we love to have fun!

Our music is a mix of modern Contemporary Christian worship songs and a selection of good retro songs that allow easy participation and a God-centered experience.  At our church people are free to express themselves by raising their hands and clapping, as well as singing along to the music.

What you wear is not a big deal, we just care that you take time to find God’s plan and improve your life, gaining eternal life in the process.  Some people dress up some people dress casual; either way is fine so long as you’re open to what God is doing. That’s what counts.

You will find people who care about you and each other amongst the 150 people who attend this friendly, neighborhood mid-sized church. We are a Christian church that is non-denominational and recognize that every person has great value.


Pastor Larry’s teaching style is to apply passages in the Bible to real life situations we deal with everyday. His goal is for you to leave the church faith-filled and encouraged about what God has in store for the coming week.

What New Horizons Believes & Our Mission


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