June 3, 2018 – Bulletin

Halls Almost Mid-Year Report 2018

Mafia Island: Recently I was called to lead a team to this island, under tragic circumstances. A young American missionary was supposed to have led this team. He and 5 others were taking a small boat to this island when encountered bad weather; a wave flipped their boat, all were lost but one, who was rescued. The other 5 have not been found.

Mafia Island is 99% Islam, which brings its challenges. It all starts with relationships and a smile. The team and I spent much of our time visiting people, playing ball, walking and praying. Breaking the idea that Christians are infidels. I sat with several hundred Muslims in their time of mourning over their loved ones who were lost at sea. Sitting with them, drinking tea. They even asked me to speak, and I was sharing the hope that we can have in God in tough times. They were so happy with the message that they asked me to go and speak it to the ladies group as well.

As a reminder, please don’t be intimidated by Muslims, they love life and suffer just like the rest of us. They desire relationship, so reach out and be a friend. (See Board or website for complete letter)

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